Mystery -   Size approx. A2; Oil on Canvas

Life.. and in particular the purpose of human life seen in the context of all other beings, remains uncomprehensible and senseless to me as long as humanity goes on exploiting life in all it's forms other than human as inferiour. How can humanity assume that other beings do not existe in their own right, but to the sole purpose of being consumed? Arrogance is a sure sign of profound ignorance and inexperience! Thus the human being has lost it's face and is wearing a strange mask instead, which's eyes do not truly 'see' - and the fiery light located where the brain should be, indicates blackout, damage & insanity - a dying star. The center figure in the bright yellow dress stands for the failed humanity, who's true purpose would have been to develop a compassionate, loving, caring, motherly attitude towards all beings.

...an eternally unresolved Mystery
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