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The meaning of the world wilderness is generally understood as: "something which is not controlled, nor cultivated, tamed or exploited by man."

Consider for instance that people in general judge whether an animal is 'good' or 'bad', depending on whether they can personally draw any use out of it and whether it let's itself be easily manipulated in other words 'tamed' (...this also applies to their human fellows!). Although that humans generally don't think any further than their personal interest's if they aren't forced to do so by the occurrence of a dramatic event that shatters their essential beliefs (or by profession) - they have truly specialized in fooling themselves by finding a whole lot of seemingly valid reasons to wipe out so called 'elements' which they consider of no value to their life (..just think of the Inquisition for example). Environmentalist, Economists and similarly labeled people; groups and societies are no exeptions to this; they pursue their own mean and shortsighted interests just the same as their 'contrahents'. Their misleading labels do not prevent them from attempts to eliminate wild and 'anarchistic elements' that don't behave the way they would have it or which they can not exploit. For this in general the word "MANAGEMENT" (for example: 'Forest Management') is used, perhaps because it sounds much more harmless, positive and less offensive than CONTROLLING (for example: 'Wasteland Control')...


'Truth' is variable and adaptable to & for the human mind! The sly, cleverly worded and self invented logic of men (males and females alike), stands in complete opposition to life; nature; wilderness on the long run. Has humanity made any progress towards the benefit of life as a whole? ...on the contrary: humanity fails constantly in the needed overcoming of it's weaknesses! Paradoxically it is precisely the pertained human illusion of being superior to all other beings, which prevents from progressing and from outgrowing the regrettable state of neither being fully integrated into life/nature, nor being an exception to it! Darwin was wrong, and so is the Bible and any other doctrine that claims humans to be superior or at the top of the evolution! ....we, that is to say humanity in its daily actions: are a living example of the opposite! Instead of using our brains to understand and to develop living concepts which are to the benefit of all beings, we misuse our intellect to think out truth deluding lies/illusions and gruesome perversions in order to feed our greedy egos. I hereby accuse my own species the humans including myself, to not only be annoyingly shortsighted, but to simply be a great shame and disappointment in the large community of all beings. The only way I reckon how I can personally ease this laden a bit and make my life more worthwhile, is to work on becoming a humble, dedicated and loving servant to all beings, in particular to the vulnerable wild ones!

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